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We maintain the Fern Glade at the Huntsville Botanical Garden. It's the coolest, shadiest, greenest place in Huntsville! Come and sit a while.
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Veali Holtcamp has retired!  After 4 years as President of the Huntsville Fern Society, Veali has decided to turn in her gavel.  Her husband, Mike Holtcamp was elected as her successor.  Veali is a Master Gardener, and a charter member of the Society and has provided unstinting service to the Society and to the Fern Glade in the Huntsville Botanical Garden.  But, lucky for us, she's not really 'retiring.'  Veali has volunteered to continue her work in organizing the annual fern sale and to … [Read More...]

Annual Fern Sale

Annual Fern Sale: Don’t miss Huntsville Fern Society’s biggest event of the year!  Our 23rd annual Festival and Sale will be held from 9:00am to 2:00 pm on Saturday, June 4, 2016.  We will be offering over 40 varieties of Hardy Ferns and Fern Allies.  Selections range from well-known natives to other popular North American, Asian and European varieties.  Also offered are new varieties never before available at any of our 21 previous Sales.  We publish a list of the varieties a few weeks prior to … [Read More...]

Our Purpose

is to keep the Fern Glade in the Huntsville Botanical Garden thriving and inviting. We think it is the coolest, shadiest green space in all of the Garden! Come visit and experience the glade for yourself! It is approximately one acre of serene green with a hear-round stream, a gazebo to relax in and trails alongside ferns of all sizes and shapes…over 150 varieties in all.

We maintain the Fern Glade

by working together in the Glade each Wednesday morning during the growing season. We plant, weed, prune, water and weed again. We do whatever it takes to keep the glade looking neat and fresh and, at the same time, socialize with our friends. We've solved many a world problem in the Glade. New volunteers are always welcome. Come and learn!